Mail Score for Transparency

Our system deals with 5 layers. [Learn more about Dombox Layers]

Encryption Layer (TLS), Authorization Layer (SPF), Alias Layer (SAD), Authentication Layer (DKIM), Alignment Layer (DMARC).

One point will be given for each layer if the result is "Pass".

We will be displaying the score in each mail. If you click the score, you can view detailed info.

Keep in mind, the score can be from 1 to 5 {Note: Alias Layer will always have the "Pass" value. So the minimum possible score is one.}

A score of 2 means, 2 layers passed. But that doesn't mean 3 layers failed. Because these three layers can also be "Neutral".

When the score is "5", a "Green Checkmark" will be displayed instead of the score "5".

If you see the score in "Green Circle", that means the layer results contains only "Pass" and "Neutral" values.

If at least one layer result is "Fail", then the score will be shown in "Red Circle". Be sure to check the info by clicking the score.

By giving a score to each mail, we bring "transparency" to the user. Now users can question the website owners why they are not supporting those layers.

For example, if your banking website doesn't support "Encryption Layer", then you have every right to question them.

If you are a website owner, most likely you want your users to see the "Green Checkmark". So we are also encouraging the website owners to support all 5 layers.

Note: Mail Score is applicable only for "Incoming" mails.

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